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Introducing our new staff members

    04 May 2020

Mrs Michelle Dransfield
Teacher of Year 2.1
Started this term

I am a qualified teacher with just under 20 years of primary teaching experience and absolutely love my job. I am very excited to be Year 2’s new teacher this term and am especially looking forward to building relationships and getting to know both parents and the children.

Tim Saunders 
Head of Mathematics  
Starts in September 2020

I went into teaching having completed my Mathematics Degree at the University of Oxford, followed by my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Oxford Brookes University. More recently I have been working at HawleyHurst School as Head of Mathematics, having previously worked at The Downs School, Compton.

I have two main passions which underpin all that I do. Firstly, I strongly believe that everyone is capable of achieving in maths. Mathematics underpins so many elements of life, yet many approach it with a negative attitude. It is vital to support everyone so that they know they are capable and can achieve in order to succeed in their education and to fully prepare them for later life. My second passion is that everyone should know that they are valuable, important and cared for. If we truly understand this then it allows us to become the best versions of ourselves that we can.

I am hugely looking forward to meeting you all, getting to know all the pupils at Sherfield School and seeing them develop into the great people and mathematicians that they are all capable of.

Mrs Lynda Barnikel
Teacher of Food and Nutrition
Starts in September 2020

I am extremely pleased to be joining the technology department in September as Teacher of Food and Nutrition. I graduated in 2004 and I was lucky to able to travel the world as part of BA cabin crew but I hung up my wings over 10 years ago when I decided to change career and I haven’t looked back.

My love for food stems back from my Italian family as food is a central part of our lives. I absolutely love my subject and excited that I will be teaching so many students and I hope to send wonderful practical work home for parents to enjoy!

In this current climate of lockdown being able to cook is a valuable life skill and I look forward to helping the students at Sherfield develop.

See you all soon!


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