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Are you ready for an adventure? You can start your Sherfield journey at any age from 3 months to 18 years! We combine excitement and curiosity into new ventures and learning. Based in Hook, Hampshire, we offer plenty of boarding options as well as a day school. Scroll down to discover what makes Sherfield special.



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  • Virtual Reception Class - Week 4

    Virtual Reception Class - Week 4

    07 May 2020

    Reception class are continuing to learn new life skills throughout this online learning period. One of the most popular being, learning to ride a bike...

  • Virtual Year 4.2 - Week 4

    Virtual Year 4.2 - Week 4

    07 May 2020

    This week Year 4 have been studying habitats. Joao-Ricardo demonstrated that he was able to compare and contrast the same habitat at different points ...

  • Introducing our new staff members

    04 May 2020

    We have three new members of staff. One has already started with us and two are due to start in September 2020.

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